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VideoVan is a relational project experience and reflects on the cinema as a vehicle of enunciation from a traveling projecting van in the Raval district. The screening program is curated by various neighbourhood organizations so that each is self-represented by the chosen film. VideoVan uses the curatorship of the filmic sessions as a pretext to conduct a "preventive mediation", establishing relationship dynamics among different social groups in the neighbourhood, to challenge stereotypes and encourage confrontation between being ”one self" and "other" at the same time, which the filmic gaze enables. The work process includes mediation and dialogue with organizations and collectives trough workshops, meetings and communication devices.

The project reinforced the idea that consensus is not necessary to mediate in case of conflict, what is essential is to accept and recognize the other as valid interlocutor. Curating has worked to bring partnerships, finding common ground and allowed to break the prejudices coming from the ignorance of the other.

Participating associations: Immigrant Space Raval, Raval Merchants Association Green, Prostitutes Indignades and AVC Mesa del Raval. Selected documentaries: The dream is over. Maria Ruido. 2014 .// Los Sures. Abu Ali. 2008 .// The batalett. Femmes de la Medina. Dalila Ennadre. 2002 // Brand Barcelona. Sonia Trigo. 2006. With the collaboration of Onvi Archives.

Relational project. Translocations Production Grant.
(ID_Idensitat andArts Sta Mònica)
Shown at: Translocacions. Arts Sta. Mònica, Barcelona. 2015