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Hopes Vs. Reality

Research carried out trough series of meetings with a group of women Montmell who grew up during the war in a rural Catalan. The project explores the illusion that each had toward their professional future and the manner in which they were forced to negotiate these expectations due to the socio-political reality that they lived, oppressed under a dictatorship and its institutional monopoly annulling dissident subjectivities, placing these women in double subordinate position.

Photographic Serie. Six diptics, 50cm x 50cm.
La Joncosa del Montmell, 2011.

Shown at:
Efímer Club, Can Xalant, Mataró, 2011
Breathing Time, Mas Esglésies, Centre de la imatge de Reus. 2013
Un Dilema. Inversió en la incertesa. Arts Sta. Mònica. 2013