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Identitée Vo(i)lée

The image is direct, but its interpretation takes us down to more ambiguous path, formed by controversy. The fusion of a “estelada” (Catalan independentist flag) and a niqab provokes a powerful shock. In a period in which the construction of the Catalan national identity is giving rise to discussions around breaking away and the formation of an independent state, the European states are discussing how necessary or convenient it is to close their borders to immigration from the north of Africa and the permanent presence in the media of atrocities committed by the so called Islamic state is invading our "peaceful" daily life, being faced with this image that plays with and retains a little part of all of these overlapping worlds makes us feel slightly uncomfortable. The ambiguity that it suggests makes reference to social cross-breeding, cultural globalization and the construction of identity when it comes to territory and articulating citizenship.

Digital photography. 180cm x 120 cm.
Methacrylate and high quality photographic vinyl.

Shown at:
Can Felipa, 2014. Arts Sta. Mònica 2105.
Galería Sicart, 2016
Civit Colection