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Divergent Parallelism 0.0

Parallelism and divergence; two irreconcilably and opposed concepts that when joined as a compound adjective became an oxymoron. After a first reading, under the formal images aspect’s influence, tilted to the parallelism, a more conceptual register arises based on its symbolic implicit connotations. It appears then, the the divergences' fissures, suggesting to the viewer the reflection upon the real woman's society predicament, based on a continuous repetition of socially constructed and internalized rolls. This unsolved approach leads the spectator towards the reflexion process.

Single Channel stereo: Video 2’.21’’: Myanmar. 2012
Shown at: Mulier, Mulieris. MUA, Alacant. 2012
Multimedia Festival. Institut Françáis du Brimanie, Yangon. 2012.
Braething Time, Museu de la Vida Rural. L’Espluga del Francolí, 2013
Polítiques de la Resistència. Centre de Lectura de Reus. Sala Fortuny, 2014