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Talking stones

The title refers to that moment of departure to the city where little more than empty stone houses remained in the villages. Through conversations with the people who inhabit the territory, the artist puts in relation those who stayed, those who left, those who came, those who have returned, and those who still arrive today, to build a fictional dialogue between them, giving primacy to the oral narratives as a source of alternative knowledge to the historical account, recovering the human memory of the place through micro stories.

Talking Stones is a research project on the evolution of the physical and human landscape of the Coma de Burb, in the Pallars Sobirá, however, it reflects dynamics extensible to many other high mountain villages.

Multimedia installation: Variable measures
Three Loop videos
Pallaresa chimney tops and audio.

Work in progress
Art I Natura Creation Grant 2021/ 2022. La Panera de Lleida