Now & Then
Project undertaken through an extensive series of creative workshops for teen girls in Ard El Lewa district of Cairo. Through play and creativity, the girls explored their hopes towards the personal and professional future , taking into consideration their own social context. The work is an extrapolation of the methodologies and approaches of radical teaching into the artistic field . The work was carried out thanks to the award of the scholarship exchange between centers Art and Nature (CAN Farrera) and Artelewa (Cairo) .

Mix Installation. Eight Dolls and a video. Aprox: 250 cm lineals.
Single channel Vídeo estereo. Original lenguage arabic. English or
Spainsh captions.
Shown at: Art El Lewa, Cairo, 2011. Swab, Barcelona, 2012
Avic, Extra Locals, Vic, 2014. Sicart Gallery, Vilafranca, 2016 


Have To Be A Man To Wear A Longhi
In the context Burmese men wear skirts regularly as a traditional dress, though we see on screen as hegemonic masculinity that makes us doubt whether the title is correct. A double set of similarities and differences about our own context and how the dominant discourse builds the norm.

Single channel video stereo. 35’’. Yangon, Myanmnar, 2012
Shown at: Cicle Resistències, Cercle de Lectura de Reus.2013
Galleria Sicart. Vialfranca, 2016


Tmb L-64
Audiovisual containing the ethnography of a particular group of women, in a particular time slot, on the 64 line of the Barcelona metropolitan transport. These woman take the bus to go to work in the service sector. The piece emphasizes how the passage is incorporated into the leisure time for these women, who have a double work load, turning the bus into a space of sociability, closer leisure establishments than the average public transport in a large city.

TMB L-64
Single channel video stereo. 8’
Shown at: FemArt08, Barcelona 2008. Mulier, Mulieris, MUA,
Alacant, 2009. Biennal de Valls, Valls, 2013. Sicart Gallery,
Vilafranca, 2016

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