Work based on the reading of K. Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, applied to the post-revolutionary Tunisian context.
Interferences is a euphemism to name the counter-revolution. Revolution it doesn’t always mind to move forward. Taking as initial point the Tunisian Revolution, the work explores those dark steps of the process, which represent a backwards movement.
The work builds the story oscillating back and forward from the local Tunisian context to the more abstract revolutions’ dynamics and it was done along with the collaboration of key figures of the Tunisian Revolution and Democratic Transition, who see how their demands have been betrayed and substituted by identities debates and economical interests.


Single channel, video stereo. 5’7’’. Tunisia. 2013
Shown at: Can Felipa. Barcelona. 2013


Single channel video stereo. 3’56’’. Tunisia. 2013
Shown at: Can Felipa. 2014, Proyecto 14. Matadero. 2014, Galeria Sta. Clara. Coimbra.2014. Art Project Space. Milà. 2014. Museo Belber Jimenez, Oxaca, Méxic.2014


Divergent Parallelism 0.0
Parallelism and divergence; two irreconcilably and opposed concepts that when joined as a compound adjective became an oxymoron. After a first reading, under the formal images aspect’s influence, tilted to the parallelism, a more conceptual register arises based on its symbolic implicit connotations. It appears then, the the divergences' fissures, suggesting to the viewer the reflection upon the real woman's society predicament, based on a continuous repetition of socially constructed and internalized rolls. This unsolved approach leads the spectator towards the reflexion process.

Single Channel stereo: Video 2’.21’’: Myanmar. 2012
Shown at: Mulier, Mulieris. MUA, Alacant. 2012
Multimedia Festival. Institut Françáis du Brimanie, Yangon. 2012.
Braething Time, Museu de la Vida Rural. L’Espluga del Francolí,2013
Polítiques de la Resistència. Centre de Lectura de Reus. Sala Fortuny, 2014


Hopes Vs. Reality
Research carried out a series of meetings with a group of women Montmell who grew up during the war in a rural Catalan. The project explores the illusion that each had toward their future and the professional manner in which they were forced to negotiate these expectations due to the socio-political reality that he lived, pressed under the dictatorship and its institutional monopoly annulled dissident subjectivities, placing these women at AIII doubly subordinate position.

Photographic Serie. Six diptics, 50cm x 50cm. La Joncosa del
Montmell, 2011.
Shown at: Efímer Club, Can Xalant, Mataró, 2011
Breathing Time, Mas Esglésies, Centre de la imatge de Reus. 2013.
Un Dilema. Inversió en la incertesa. Arts Sta. Mònica. 2013

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